Happy Birthday ZhanShen!!

specially dedicated to this 1-day-younger-brother of mine, but he has always been a big brother aka best friend to me… my 25% of friends, meaning VERY VERY important!! thus, I LOVE YOU!!

he is caring, friendly, funny, stupid, noisy, shittie, farked up, smart, hardworking, lame, kind, generous, romantic, cool, tall, huggable, fierce, cute… *list goes on* he has so many goods and bads, and i dont like him but i like him too *what the fark* ahahahahaha…

yea, that’s true, i used to hate him like MADZ!! till the stage that i think… we didnt talk to each other for more than half a year? i didnt even wanna take a glance of him!! even nowadays i dislike him sometimes… still i love him and like him most of the time till we could hangout everyday and night and never feel bored when i was back in kl… we went shopping, eat, play, club, yumcha… i even followed him to his college as i was too bored… and you could see him in my house almost everyday… hey, even chinese new year!! he is just like one of my family members, he in and out of my house ANYTIME, from morning till midnight, and my dog knows him well though!!! sometimes i dont even know that he is actually in my house as he is in my brothers’ room chatting with my brothers… or he is there chatting with my mom… oh yea, so he is my whole family’s friend!!! wakakakkakakaka~~ *feeling so lame suddenly*

and many people like to make fun of both of us… again and again till we are very tired and we dont care anymore… but, here i repeat, WE ARE NOT COUPLE!! but, we are more than a couple!! ooopppsss… no no no, i mean he stands a more important place in my heart… and we CANT be a couple, as things will get miserable and messed up IF the 2 – blur, same personalities, indecisive persons get together, everything will be heading to nowhere!! ahahhahahaa… this is why i have been changing bfs, but not him!! and hopefully we will not do it in the future though…

he knows that i like this pic A LOT, coz ONCE i look SMALLER in size while standing beside him!! he has covered up 30% of me!! kekekekeekek…

here you go, ALL*everything* THE BEST and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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