2005 Piscean…

hmmm… just simply went through some horoscope thingie wanted to get some idea what’s wrong with my year 2005!! and i even thought of looking for a Tarrot card reader… but it is aud40!! hmmm… maybe one day… coz i heard that it is kinda true… oh please, dont say that i am superstitious, i am just trying to find out more ways to lead myself… no harm trying, right?

Horoscope – Pisces in 2005

For you, Pisces, 2005 promises to be a year of discovery. Some of these discoveries will inspire you. They may even lead you to new activities, new studies, new travel or even a new way of life. Others will involve personal discoveries; what you learn about yourself will enable you to understand situations in which you’ve faced difficulties in the past and, equally, what you learn will give you courage.

During 2005, therefore, it’s important that you focus more on the process of learning than on getting things organised. True, at times you’ll be under pressure to make decisions. However, in most cases this pressure will have more to do with the convenience of others than your life.

after reading this, i was a lil shocked, as my friend did a simple tarrot reading for me the other day… and the cards told me almost the same thing… there were like 10 cards that i had chosen, and most of them were telling me that ‘you are not satisfied with your life’, ‘you are stressed’, ‘you will have a new life’, ‘reborn’… HEY, new life? new studies? new travel? reborn? oh wait… new travel means… travel back to malaysia? new studies means… starting new studies back in malaysia? new life means… i will be HAPPY there? hmmmm… i think this is quite a good one for me… i would love to have all these NEW things happened on me!! =) but… reborn? ahahhaahah… am i going to DIE and back to be a BABY again? *wondering*

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