*dang dang dang dang*

i am here to make an announcement!!

yeah~~~~~~~~ first term already gone!! and now… my 3 weeks break has just started!!!

hahahahaha… just got back from the crappy presentation that i did just now… oh well… last minute work, one question wrong somemore… at least i got it 6/10!! i am freaking satisfied weik!! anyway… a big thank to WONG MEE HUEY… eh… no no no… LIM MEE HUEY for accompanying me the whole last night and helping me to get information… oh yea hor, how did she accompany me leh since she is in KL… SKYPE lor!!!!!! hahaha… i am in love with skype edi… so that i can feel like there are MORE PEOPLE in my room, not so lonely… i even heard her sister, brother and mother… WOW!! i felt that they were just beside me!! so happening!!

haiihzzz… but then… why am i so happy about the break leh? it’s not a break but time to finish FEW assignments and study for FEW tests!! *madness* damn!! can i go to uni? i dont want any break… can i exchange my break with no test and no assignment? wakakkakakaka~ *thankiew

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aiyoh…got break edi oso dont wan ar? u exchange with myu job ler….one day didn work hav to deduct salary…u got 3 weeks….do sumthing ler…if not wat? learn fried egg ar? at least u can do ur assignment without needing to rush to school and wake up early mah….sleep in the morning and wake up @ night to do ur assignment…wagagagagagag :w

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