No holiday + no money + no-thing to do…

No Holiday…
what lar!! so damn stupid!! i wasnt supposed to have classes today and tomorrow due to the stupid STRIKE in uni… and guess what, they canceled it yesterday!! wahlaoo… and they only informing people through students email, hey honestly, i check my students mail once in a blue moon one man!! *arrggghhh* luckily my housemates checked it last night, else everyone is going to miss their classes!! i already missed my 9am’s japanese lecture… hahahaha… it’s too early lar… nvm lar… =P

but then later gotta attend both tax law’s tutorial and lecture… and also tomorrow!! corporate accounting’s tutorial and lecture… *arrgghhhh*

No Money…
haiihzz… bigpond cons all my money… i never ever expected that my broadband bill can be more than 300bucks!! and hey it really happens!! what the hell~!~!~!!~!~! i was supposed to change back to my UNLIMITED plan but then it was already march so that even i made the change, it will only take effect in april!! so we are now using the 200mb plan, and we only used for like 10 days after we shifted in man!! we already over limit by 1800mb… and there are a few more days to april~ gosh… and they charge me at $0.15/mb… wooohooo~~ great number!! RM1k for a month’s broadband… so cool huh~~ we cant do anything for that, so we are not giving a damn!! ahahha… since it is already over by so much, arrrggh… just continue using, but not surfing so much!! so stupid!! and where the hell is my iinet~~~~~

No-thing to do…
it was so boring yesterday!! couldnt surf much… no tvb series for me to watch… no big2 to play… so i did this with my webcam… wakkakakakaka~~

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1k…..almost my salary………wat the hell u used tat for? download again? if u wanted download u should apply unlimited ler gal…..

take care….if nothing to do meh look for me to chat in MSN loh…..sms oso can…but it seems like so expensive woh….MSN enuf ler….wagegegegege…..

honestly i can feel wat u feeling le… almost like tat everyday…u consider ok ler only a few moment like tat….

hey… goddess… i already stated there VERY THE CLEARLY –>
“i was supposed to change back to my UNLIMITED plan but then it was already march so that even i made the change, it will only take effect in april!!”
in case you missed this part out~

and i didnt download anything!! if downloading it wont be only 2gb~

I d/l 20GB a month.. i can do 2GB in 1 day if i want to.. 😉

Anyway have you called up telstra and try to talk to them about the charges? 300 dollars is alot of money for students… 🙁 Btw, why telstra? not other internet provider?

hahahaha… yea… i know that… i am still tied to bigpond contract… =( but i already applied to churn to iinet… yeah, waiting for my 80gb to come!! ahahahah… and furthermore, 4 of us sharing so the 300+ is shared among us… we already expecting a 400bucks bill at the end of march… ahhahaha…

by the way, i STILL dont know who is Rodney…

dear ericca,

since i am staying in my office and got nothing much to do (easter holiday mood… xixixi) so i just want to tell you some tips for saving your bandwidth usage and hoping that those tips might save some money from your pocket (or your commonwealth bank streamline saving account :p)

first off, please ensure your notebook is having a sustainable and large storage space for archiving all downloaded (or cached) files so you dun have to download them again if their web contents are remaining unchanged

to configure the size for your internet temporary files folder, right-click the IE icon on your desktop, then select properties, then click “settings” under the palette of “temporary internet files” which under the general tab

enter “2048″ in the space of “amount of disk space to use” then click “ok”

then click “ok” again to finish the setting, and you will have a larger cache folder for speeding up your browsing performance as well as saving the bandwidth for downloading stuff

second off, if you are sharing your internet connection with other housemates, then please ask them to be considerated and download “lesser” until your internet plan changes to the “unlimited” one 🙂

third off, if possible, in long term, you might try to consolidate your phone bill, mobile and internet bills under one singtel optus account (and you need to be an singtel optus client first of course) so you save more moeny 🙂

my previous experience told me that sharing internet connection with others and consolidated your phone line with your cable (or adsl) internet account can save you huge from your pocket 🙂

good luck then 🙂

ps. it seems like the spammer is still spamming on your net meters, i am astonishing how much that stupid bastard needs to pay for his/her internet account next month? :p

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