11 missed calls…

incredible fella… my godzzz…

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dear ericca,

if you got so many “masked” calls, then try to call your mobile service provider and tell them your story, hoping that they can find out a solution for you 🙂

graham :p

dear godess,

i am disappointed with the statement you made on friday, march 25, 2005

first off, i have been knowing ericca for almost two years through msn messenger nevertheless we never chat with each other vis-Ã -vis. in fact, i dun even know her phone number (for both her home phone and her mobile) then how to give her “anonymous” calls?

in addition, i have been working in hong kong since january 2005, i suppose this will be a pretty difficult task for me to give her “anonymous” calls whilst i am in hong kong cuz i dun have time, money and energy to do so

second off, my computer is armed with IDS, anti-virus and firewall, this is impossible for my computer to generate spam to ericca’s site. in fact, if you check the net state web site on today, you will know that several people’s net meters have been spammed for no reasons for the last 48 hours

in addition, this is expensive to generate spam to ericca’s site (and mine too) since i will be liable to pay for all outbound traffic

third off, i have no ideas if you have stayed in melbourne or not, melbourne is such a nice place and i have been staying in australia throughout its different places for the last eight years. melbourne city is one of the most civilised and advanced cities in australia. we admit that, several rape, robber and murder cases had been happened or discovered last month but they were mainly happened in ACT and NSW

“Melbourne, a place to be” 🙂

in addition, let me remind you that this is illegal to bring weapons (even for defense purposes) when you are in melbourne, i guess ericca might consider to bring a torch, mobile and digital camera if she thinks necessary

i would like to make no comments on your comments except disappointment

finally, just in case you are in doubt about my ip address, i am sending this message via icable hong kong through one of its routers 61.10.0.x

graham (aka yue chung)

oi… chisin ar 2 of you!!!!!

well, my friend tried to call up the telco before but they said that they cant do anything about it…

hmmm… hey danny… what kinda MUSIC huh… my housemate kept playing the oldies ‘wo deng zhe ni hui lai’ in my room… *arrgghhh*

wah wei ……… working in hong kong ?

Rich man ………….. my friend also got offered a position in a company in hong kong …….

they offering RM 18k …… i say shiat !!!
in M’sia ……. which employer would give u taht ….. for a guy with oni 3-4 yrs of working experience ……

sorry loh graham brother…..i didn mean ler…just wanna ask ericca ler….sorry ler CacA…for everything….but graham brother dont need to rite out bunch of thing to shoot me ler…hehehehe….=P

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