fark man!!! we just got home from a 3 days trip to Bendigo… and there was this COOL SURPRISE!! our house got burglared!!

what the hell!! at first was a big shock when i saw this BIG SPIDER at my door… then i shouted… everyone tried to kill it for me… so then done… but i was thinking how did the spider come in!! and it was so freaking HUGE!! well… then i found that my curtain was half opened, and asked ‘why is my curtain like this’ and alice told me ‘maybe dropped leh’ ok… fine… then when i looked closer… OH MY GODZ… my window was half opened!!! and then i knew how did the farking spider come in!!!!!

then i heard alice yelled at her LOST LAPTOP!!! manzzzzzz… her room was in a mess, all her clothes on the floor and the cables were all messed up… her laptop gone!! she was so unlucky, as i kept my laptop somewhere before i left the house, and this farker didnt manage to go into robin and puishan’s rooms… prolly because that he heard the music from robin’s room…

then we called the cops… they came and found that the farker actually used something to open my window as there were some marks there… and the cops already asked detective to come over tomorrow to play with the finger prints and all… the owner even asked alice to look for her laptop at the cash converter nearby, saying that she might find it there because some people sell off stolen things there…

maybe we will move back to the city again… haiihzzz… =(

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sorry to hear that…

i had the same experience, lost the whole hi-fi set… 🙁

so how about your room??

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