Happening Day…

there are 3 parts of this entry:

today met up with Alex to have lunch and we had some so called curry *but not spicy at all* at this Curry Lobby… then i saw this SHOP beside it, so then i walked in and grab a ticket and paid 3bucks… guess what’s that? hehehehe… yea, my crossword puzzle!! aahahhaha… i played while i was eating, then i passed to Alex and asked him to continue playing as he already finished his food… and so then i told him if i could win something, we would share it… and madness, he really won man!! we got 4 words, so we won 10bucks!! kekekekke… although it’s only a 10bucks, it’s hard to win ok!! i only won 2 times after playing so many times…!! *duh* then when i went to redeem my 10bucks, i got myself another one!! *waakakkakakaka* well, of course, we didnt win anything from the second ticket… i am happy enough though~ =P

i broke my white gold necklace!!! damn!! i accidentally pulled it while i was drying myself after the shower… and i heard my diamond pendent dropped on the floor, but i just couldnt find it… maybe it’s still there… and maybe it’s already in the heater… sadz man… =( i will try searching again tomorrow…

robin came into my room just now to talk to me and he heard some noise, and i told him it’s normal as there is always noise from here and there… then suddenly… WE BOTH together saw a mouse running over… *WTF* i ran out of the room in just 1 second!! then all 4 of us started our ‘mouse catching operation’… but basically only robin and puishan were doing the job as alice and i were USELESS… we were only standing beside and screaming… half an hour gone, still couldnt get it, so then we went for a BREAK… but it was real funny seeing the 2 of them standing on the chair holding brooms feeling very scared… wahahahhaaha~~

after half an hour, we decided to continue it tomorrow, so then i went back to get my pillows, lougong, boyboy and blanket to puishan’s room to sleep for tonight… *for your information, i just moved back to my room this EVENING and i had been staying in puishan’s room for a week* and while we were shifting my stuffs, again, we saw the mouse!! it was hiding behind the milk tray where i put my books, and the tray is seriously HEAVY with the books in there… and the mouse STUPIDLY went under the tray when puishan tried to lift up the tray… and guess what… she then left off the tray… and… this poor lil mouse was then trapped under it… so then… we dont think that it is still alive anymore… this puishan was so guilty that she KILLED THE MOUSE, she then ran to her room and started crying there… but wait, i wonder whether did the mouse bleed? if it did… MY CARPET!!! *fark* and my room!!! nobody dares to touch it… and it’s still left under the milk tray~~ *damn* and we dont know how to clean it and settle it… ma de…

we are sorry, lil mouse… we were forced to do so… rest in peace… i will try to play my buddhist cd to make you feel better…

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so did u made a tombstone forr lil’ mousey ?

puishan is a killer liau ……..
at least …. emm ….. honor ur prize hunt

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