ANDREW is the HERO~~~

*muacks* my dear andrew~~

yea, he is my hero… he removed the mouse for me edi!! yeah~~~ he was so brave and man enough!! but he was real scared also… he even took something to make himself more brave… wahahhahaha~~~ and it was his first time doing such thing man… SEE, this is a FRIEND!! *clapclap*

and i also HEARD that the mouse was already SQUARE in shape as it’s the shape of the milk tray… oh my godzzzz… then this andrew even holding a light, squatting beside and checking on the mouse… he went on observing the hair, the eyes, the shape… my godzz…

Andrew, you rocks!!!

so now i can go back to my room edi~~~ yeah~~~

4 replies on “ANDREW is the HERO~~~”

mam mao o~ mi toa fatt…..plz rest in peace hopefulli you (mouse) still in one piece eventhough u were defromed in other shape!!! be happy in the other side of the world…..remember not to mess with human being next time…..mam mao O~ MI TOA FATT….
ericca remember to clean the left over especialli the blood staint on the carpet…..
mam mao o~ mi toa fatt…..dong!…..mam mao…dong…..

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