What a Dinner…

*phew* just got home from a memorable dinner…

8 of us planned to have dinner together in the city… so, 4 of us went to join the other 4 in the city… but we were late so the 4 of them ordered the food first before we reached…

then hor… when we reached and the first dish came… guess what… it was SHARK’s FIN SOUP… the 4 of us went like *huh?* then we asked the 4 of them what we eating, then they pointed the menu on the wall… ‘dinner for 8, $298’… i was like *WTF*… it was supposed to be just a normal dinner… but then it came up like a wedding dinner, we had shark fin’s soup, scallops, lobster, prawns, chicken, beef, fish… what the hell… i tell you what, it was the most expensive CHINESE dinner i have ever had in life *that i pay with my own money* beside eating dim sum… and the funniest thing was… we actually didnt expect to have such a NICE dinner, so we only had like very little cash with us, and we were so poor after the dinner, the money left in the pocket was only enough to pay for the $8.50 parking… and maybe there were still A FEW BUCKS left… *madness*

anyway… the dinner was too HUGE, and we couldnt finish… but, well, at least having something nice ONCE IN A WHILE… so, have to thank to Mr. Andrew for the brilliant idea… =P

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