Gosh… learning japanese is not as easy as i though weik!! imagine myself being like a kindergarden kid, start learning all these:

how to DRAW
A = “/” + “\” + “-”
B = “|” + “)” + “)”
C = Big “(“

how to READ
A = Ei
B = Bee
C = Cee

that’s terrible!!

oh well, i just got back from my japanese conversation test!! i was too nervous and i forgot my last line… hmmm… it was just the last line, so i guess it’s ok!! the tutor even asked me “were you nervous?” and i said “yes” then i spoke to myself “OF COZ LAR, duh~” anyway, a BIG THANK to my new japanese friend -> Hisada Noriyuki…!! yea yea yea, he is a pure japanese but currently working in taiwan~ cool huh~~ hahahaahah… but the way i got to know him was really fantastic!! the story went like this:

when i started to do my revision for today’s test last night… then i realised that there were actually quite some parts that i didnt understand well… so i went to google for some japanese-english translation websites… but damn, they didnt help much!! *AH-HA* suddenly this brilliant idea came to my mind… i opened up my SKYPE and search for JAPANESE… yeah~~ and i found him!! his mandrin was so good and he could explain to me very clearly in mandrin~~ woohooo~~ not bad man!! *bow* thankiew teacher… hmmm… and he is a nice guy, friendly, nice to chat to… 30 years old, single… anyone interested? wakkakakakakka…

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