hehehehehe… guess what… i am kinda happy today!! since morning i got an email telling me that i had a new testimonial in friendster… so there i went to open lor… hehehehe… so happie after reading it… thankiew my dear baybay *muacks*

then after that i received a sms, was wondering who was the sender… when i opened it… madness… *smile* it’s baybay again… proudly telling people that MY BAYBAY MISS ME!! blek =P hahahahahaa…

okokok… feeling damn insane now… =P

15 replies on “BayBay…”

wai lah wai lah….some one is missin’ u so damn much lah……for my surprice, u really really like to blog……dun tell baybay is that ‘bei’ previousli i can understand……..
wai lah wai lah……

hahahahahaha… mr 7788 aka mr calvin aka puppetmaster… dont try to confuse me with so many names there!!! yea lar… now, you got it lar… blek~ =P

thankx, alvin…

hey….i m not puppetmaster…..he is one of my fren that came to my house to stay overnite….i didnt no he left any msg here…..soli…i m calvin fong tien chee…but definately not pippetmaster…

huh…? eh tien chee, who is your friend…? why the comment so weird one…? but looks like your way of typing wor…

Hi retarded ‘ cuteman ‘ ( thought you’re most probably as cute as a baboon’s ass ).
Lol, 4 years GF, she must be blind to have someone like you :). But at least finally she realize her mistake.
Alot of gays wanna suck your cock? More like you are so desperaete that YOU wanna suck gay’s cock, but your face is so freaking distorted that even they wouldn’t allow you.
Blogging is a waste of time. So I assume you sitting at home watching porn is not huh? Wait even the pornstars get dressed with you watching them.
Conclusion? You’re beyond redemption.
Your mother must be really be in tears everyday knowing he has a transsexual for a son. 🙂
I wouldn’t expect you to understand this post anyway with your single digit IQ, or even possibly negative :).
Good day asstard. No wait. GO to hell. 🙂

To: AssSesshoumaru,

lol thanks for your useless and pathetic n pervert comments.. 😀

i think and i strongly believes that you are more likely to be the one watching porn ? gay porn ?? muahaahahahaha

If you wan, com doggie Sesshoumaru suk my cock before you learn how talk proper english….me beyong redemption ? haha……i think your niples and the smelly of your fart holes is already beyond redemption…
…another faggot members of erica blog.

Good luck and may god bless you in having unlucky sex with gays…. :O

Aww you ran out of smart statements. Is okay. People with single digit IQ stays like that forever.
And just you said something about hiding behind your comp, lol, I guess you never heard of the word HYPOCRITE.
AH shucks, dumb people wouldn’t have that vocab anyway.
Suicide is your only option. kthxbai.

To the retarded flamer Sesshoumaru,

I suggest u go hang yourself up NOW

Cut your niples and your bloody banana and mixed it with HOT N SPICY CURRY CHICKEN…waaa so tasty for you and your family members…muahaha ^_^ : P

to actually think that somebody has such a response to your blog…..
he muz really like you ericca….

got some stuffs to point out:

1st – gayman sayz blogging sux….why does he even try to waste his energy to see and type this?

2nd – gayman WANTS a dog to suck his dick? WOW! you really are into animal fetishes, huh gayman? So what’s next? A cow or a horse? But either one, you will definitely enjoy the orgies both can give you…

3rd – gayman’s house rearing guard dogs… tell me how much of those bitches you screwed? im sure you will leave some for your children….if you ever conceive some with the dogs……do send me pictures of how they look like too….

seriously dude, go buy dildos and stuff it into any hole you can find in your bodies, or wax your whole damn body with dog cum. mmmmm, muz be finger-licking good for you….

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