well, i think i am so UNLUCKY… i got this so called CUTEMAN commented on my blog and he started to tell me that he is very handsome, girls tend to ask for his phone numbers… even gays wanna suck him… so and so… and also telling me that his 4 years gf just left him… and i was trying to be nice, replying his malis, comforting him and all…

but this childish fella started to become MAD coz i didnt reply his mails, and i didnt do it on purpose as i was OUT the whole day, not facing the computer, and this fella sent SO MANY MAILS to bomb me for not replying his mails… oh well… i guess i am just a normal human who has a normal life, doing MANY OTHER THINGS beside sitting in front of the computer replying MR. CUTEMAN’s mails…

at first, i was kinda sad for him, so poor thing, gf left him… but now, i support his gf… hey GIRL, YOU DID A GOOD JOB!! but i wonder… how did you stay with this kinda person for freaking FOUR YEARS… *madness* SALUTE!!

take a look at his great job, and… any girl out there wanna look for a CUTE but childish guy, or any gay who wanna look for a CUTE but childish partner… MAIL HIM *but, i am not responsible for anything, even if he is not CUTE AT ALL, i havent havd the GOOD LUCK to see him yet*!! CUTEMAN, thank me for advertising you AND FAGGOT STOP FLOODING MY MAILBOX WITH 10xTHE SAME MAIL!!*

From: jim yap (
To: eRiCCa’s mailbox
Subject: Go kiss your Grandmama ash and lick her la haha
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 00:41:35 -0700 (PDT)

Go fark yourself back lar..nowonder your boyfren runs away..hahhaahahahahah
I know u are still a young hairless cb girl….poor thing….your life only Online chatting..haahahaahhahahahaha

21 replies on “Cuteman!!”

To the Morons N retarded rourou, erica,
clement17 the hairless teenager,

3 of you go fag yourself OR you wan me to help u?

So pathetic ….Oi….to me all of you are just some stupid children wasting time blogging for your shit surfing N chatting online..hahaha…

Get another fagging life…before you all turn into morons n bakar idi@ts..

Muahahahah, your photo inside here really super pathetic and trying to act cute or pretty ? HAHA …vomitting now….

Another thing, shut down your this useless and ugly blog site…

This kind of blog site is very unprofessional…maybe after u smell my FART you can improve you blogging site skills ? ;D

FAGGOT I SAY Plz la…shut down this blogging site….Suks man :O

To: SmellyAssSesshoumaru Doggie 😀

lol thanks for your useless and pathetic n pervert comments.. 😀

i think and i strongly believes that you are more likely to be the one watching porn ? gay porn ?? muahaahahahaha

If you wan, com doggie Sesshoumaru suk my cock before you learn how talk proper english….me beyong redemption ? haha……i think your niples and the smelly of your fart holes is already beyond redemption…
…another faggot members of erica blog.

Good luck and may god bless you in having unlucky sex with gays…. :O

why are you keep asking me to shut this down? you dont have money to have one? or you dont have skills to blog? or you dont have anything to blog about beside your gay life?

hmmm… well, i will not blame you, as you dont have friends, dont have gf, dont have anything better to do… so you can continue barking here… you are ALLOWED to do so…

you are the one who has no life, keep facing the computer waiting for replies, and destroying my place…

well, i am not interested in dealing with a POOR person, poor in education, poor in skills, poor in relationship, poor in financial… in conclusion, a LOSER…

hey mr. asstard-Sesshoumaru aka mr.asshole..Stop crappin and fartin here,stop ur moron acts which are so childish,if you dunno how exact a moron look like,go pee and see urself from the reflection of it,you gonna noe what is a stupid moron looks likes,am i rite?

gosh!!! ericca!! u do no how to deal with LOSER……but i’ve a word for u, angry and mad with some1 is letting ppl mistake to hv a chance to punish urselves……so let de so call ‘LOSER’ to deal with his ‘OUT STANDING’ life…..
this so call puppetmaster is one of buddies that teach how to type and utilies computer, he came over to help to format my PC…of coz he nos the way i usually type…my si fu mah…but this fella not good to leave such unpolite msg…sorry..:(

Hahaha U are insulting yourself Sesshoumaru…HAHA maru….

Pee your mama nei nei la…chee bye char bo…oops i think u are a chee bye gia with hair ??? Mahahahaha

Childish at least better than morons like u..FAGGOT…..:D haahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah

You’re such a hypocrite. You yourself are wasting your time here.
Suicide is your only option really.

Yes. Easiest victory ever. Didn’t even pose me a challenge. Well I shouldn’t be too proud anyway, just a guy with a brain the size of a pea.
Goodday everyone else. 🙂

to actually accept the fact that you have almost no brains at all….
you muz be improving alot in terms of self-realization…..
im really really REALLY proud of you man, to admit that you can go that stupid….. SALUTE!!!

and um, to have you as my brother really makes me proud you know – i have a brother that’s even more stupid than me…… come on, give your smart brother a hug….

poor ericca got some kid disturbing you

the way he talks reminds me of the way those irc kiddies talk. ahhh the good old days =D

ignorance is bliss. poor kid he’ll eventually grow out of this 🙂

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