Mommie the best…

hehehehe… just finished talking to mommie on the phone… feeling so happie and released… as… finally i told my mom about everything edi… i feel so released…

at first, i thought of hiding from my mom that we, 4 of us going to share a car… thought that she would scold me for that, so i decided to hide from her and then will find my way to get that amount of money… but then, i felt so irritated with a lil SECRET there!! finally i told her about it, and she didnt scold me!!! but then she wont tell my dad… hahahahahahaha… okokok… we will keep the secret~ =P

and… i had been hiding from my mom that i always have good meals here… like we just had SEA CUCUMBER + MUSHROOM last night… *cool* and also those expensive meals that we had previously… in her mind, she thought that i have been enjoying instant noodles all the time as i cant cook… i feel so guilty hiding all these from her and meals that i am having here are nicer than what they are having at home man… and i already told her whatever food that we have had and also the price… wakkakakaka… and she said ‘nvm lar, once in a while, eating good is good for health… better than instant noodles’ *muacks* look at my mommie!! so nice so good… i will try my best not to spend so much one ler… and also graduate as soon as possible one lar!! =)

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To : the useless blog site owner erica,

C’mon stop wasting time writing your so call unneceesary childish blogs…NO BODY will read your garbage writings….haha…

Who cares whether what u eat or when u graduate ? WTF ?

My suggestion is : Shut down this useless blog site to save more money for your future as to buy more toliet rolls for your monkey as#h#le… :O

This…is really a ghost town site….not even 10 unique visitors come visitor…Wtf is this failure site sitll being put up off ?

Get another NEW life U noob!
Or plz Faggot Faaaaaart off lar…..

well, i suppose that the one who posted that comment is a complete moron. ericca, though we dont know each other, but i got your link from rayleen, and i actually enjoy reading your blog.

we blog is for ourselves and our friends, not for publication. who cares if some moron don’t like about it? moreover some moron who don’t know even wanna write their real name and real url. guess they’re too fuck up to reveal the ‘real they’!

anyway i’m zoe from LYN. nice to meet ya ^_^

hohohhh……..its nomal la, i also eat outside everyday, and every meal at least cost me 10 usd hohohh, juz like eatin the ship everyday in mal… got no feeling about it cxz used to it!!!!! tummy go 1st all da way

Hi Cuz… Yeah.. as long as you know your main aim is to study hard and graduate.. your mummy loves you very much, so be a good and useful girl ok? I wish to see you graduate too, and i know you can do it! GamBaTe **

ooohh… i am useless at least i am educated *proud*
ooohh… i am wasting money at least i have too much money to spend *proud*
ooohh… my blog is childish and rubbish at least i have visitors… and also someone who saying this and still reading it MANY TIMES A DAY… *wonder* and i think this someone loves my blog to the MAX, if he doesnt visit my blog, he might die…

ZOE, thankx for dropping by =) and… i went over to yours, wanted to comment… but… it didnt work =(
anyway, nice to meet ya…

pyy… 10bucks is for a normal meal lar, but recently we are ABNORMAL meals edi…

teri jiejie… YEA~~~ love ya!!

umm…cham liao…after read so many dun know what should say….anyway, when enjoy yourself dun forgot to study also.

who cares what the bastard CUTEMAN is commenting here and there anyway …..

He’s probably a BASTARD who’s deprived of mommie’s LOVE …… so he enjoy flaming ppl here to da MAX …..

Get a Life …. LamerZ …….

ppl like to blog and got ppl likes to read blogs ……… “Guan Kao Nei Char Si ?”

Fuck You, BASTARD !!!

haha ericca,
your secret is no more secrets once u’ve posted here…lolz..hope ur dad won’t be reading ur blog or else he’ll be like “whaatttt carrrrr?” ^^*

In Aus, serving such good chinese food?
shd visit one of these days to try chinese food over there.. *lolz*

n whoever wrote that ur blog is wasting of time, he is double wasting his time by reading urs and to put such long comments..oh……get a life …guess he’s just a green monster. *wink*

To : the most useless fargging bast@rd Poku,

Go fart yourself and your family members and your stupid friends lar..

KNN talk lan jiao wei…….kan my kar zen first before u talk to me again u doggie..

Poku dog, fart u back Bast@rd kid with NO HAIR BELOW.


lol lol lol ^_^

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