Who Am I…

i think i have lost myself… i dont know who i am… i have been so busy with everything… not enough time at all!!

after the tests and assignment that i had done last week… i still have to struggle for the coming audit assignment, tax law assignment, japanese assignment IN A WEEK… after all these assignments, there are still japanese tests and audit tests… WTF!! i think i am now qualified to be a ROBOT or… a ZOMBIE… i have my sleeping hours very odd now, in fact, i sleep very early *much earlier than usual* then i wake up early *much earlier than usual too* in the morning to study and do my work… oh my godzzz… and when there are something really urgent, i dont sleep at all~~ this is a so abnormal me…

and i have mood swing these days… coz of something… coz of someone… it’s how amazing that i can face this kinda situation once a month and different someone every month huh… *cool* now i guess i am looking for another someone for my JUNE’s someone… *madness*

i guess… tonight will be another sleepless night again…

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Hang tough, little girl… Only a little bit more to go… Just got back from Beach Club / Thai Bar… Very blur now… Tomorrow still have to work… College will be the happiest time of your life. Enjoy… while you’re still at it. You can do it… Cheers!!

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