Birthday @ Hollywood

last night was Bernard’s birthday, our ShujiSushi’s chef… then we had a celebration at hollywood, yea, i wasnt that close to the people there, and for bernard, i hadnt spoken to him for more than 10 sentences i guess… but since puishan was going, so i just tagged along… hahahahahaha…

we were the first few who reached there, there were 4 guys and 2 girls, so the 4 guys started playing with the DICE, then 2 of us started our mini concert instead!! =P there were more and more people came, around 15… that time, no chance to TOUCH the mic edi… hahahaha, except for some cantonese songs as most of them were from china… kekekekeke~~!!! so most of the time, we were playing dice with those monkeys, and puishan was the lucky one as she was allowed to drink ICE LEMON TEA coz she had to drive!! but i had to drink BEER!! oh my godz… i hate beer!! but nvm…!! *blek*

anyway, it was a fun night… at least i gotta get closer with them and there was this Steven, i hadnt met him at work before, we met last night and he was the one who talked to me the most during the night and kept forcing me to play with him… then till the end of the night, he was the one not moving, sleeping… and even puked~ *wakakakkaak* lousy boy~~ =P and Frank even worse, he came over to play with me, then he gave up after losing 5 times in a row… *wakakkakaka* lousy player~~ and also i saw Sifu *another chef* got REALLY HIGH!! he is a married man in his 30s’ but damn funny, he was singing pretending to be the singer with funny actions, then he danced with Jeff with their hands all over each other’s body… what a COOL uncle~ =P

and till the end of the party, only 6 people left… and these 6 were the first few who came earliest!! hahahaha… it’s puishan, steven, chuan, frank, michael, and i~~ then we went home together with puishan’s driving~~

okokok… it’s enough of fun now… back to assignment…!!

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