Almost There…

i am almost there!! i just handed in my tax law assignment today… not really confident ler… =( but anyway… i am going to work on my japanese assignment and audit assignment and audit test next week… then… i am ALMOST done with this busy semester!!

anyway, i am here to say THANK YOU to YOU, Victor!! =) hehee… first of all, thankx for being a 8 gong… but i like your 8-ness… ahhahahahaha~!~!~! and i am really surprised that you really put effort to help me in my assignment… hehehe… thankx ya!!

aiskz… i am back from dinner and grocery shopping AGAIN!! i hate doing grocery shopping lar!! everytime shop shop shop for RUBBISH one… see what also wanna buy… then finally i found nothing is PROPER in the house again… dont know why… i am damn bored with FOOD edi… everytime when it’s time to eat, i suffer!! coz… i dont know what to eat… and there is nothing that i really wanna eat… i even feel like puking when i look at the instant noodles~~ *yuckssss* and when out for meals, looking at the menu, really hard to choose what to eat… damn!!! actually i dont feel like eating, i dont know why… but i have to force myself to eat, as i am hungry!! WTF!! then i will start feeling to puke once after the meal~~ doink!!

*okokok, i am weird*

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eh?? you got eating disorder kah?!?!

is it too stress? don’t-la..

what they said in mandarin ‘chi de shi fu’ ler..

must eat must eat.. take care, ok?


I didn’t provide much help also.. =(
but I’ll always being glad to help if it is possible ler..only for that “silly piggie” that needs help hor.. =p

i have the same prob as well *sweat*

i need to scratch my head for thinking “wat to eat for dinner?” everyday … sienz !

i’m hungry, but dunno wat to eat …
somemore … eating alone ? so damn cham mann !

haihh ~!!!

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