Library is KILLING ME!!


arrrggghhh… i just got an email from my library telling me this:
FINAL NOTICE Items listed are overdue. COST OF EACH
ITEM=$70. If not returned further action will be

do you think that it’s SO COOL!!! and… the SUPER COOL part is… i am having FOUR FARKING BOOKS!! 4*$70=$280… RM900?~!?~!?~?!

well… i am now… feeling so damn BROKE!! HOW!! my godzzz… i really dont know what to react now… help~~~ i didnt check my student mail that often… and i didnt know that the fine is so damn KAO!! haiihzz…


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aikz really pity you..

there’s one time, right, my sis use my library card to borrow books and she never return! then luckily i check my email on time and got the email like you got. of course mine havent due la and not that KAO also! ahaha i quickly asked her to go return the next day. *phew*

RM900.. so expensive. you could buy a nice tiffany & co, man!!

your head la …….

that one is not FINE hai ma ….. whr can so GAO GAO one ?

that one is the COST of each ITEM, cuz ur item is so damn overdue they assumed that you lost the book liau ……

return it ……. but your fine will also be hefty …. either 50 cents a day or 1 buck …..

I know cuz I always late return my books at Monash …….


i have no idea… i already returned the books by throwing into the box there…

i am now waiting for further notice… =(

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