What A Car…

we were so happily driving our REPAIRED car out to have lunch today, and we even praised that it is so nice to drive and worth the 550bucks… then when we went back to the car park to get our car after the lunch, robin took out the key and wanted to deactivate the car alarm… and guess what!! he found that the BUTTONS were lost!! imagine the alarm controller, usually with the 2 buttons there but then suddenly they were lost!! duh~ the controller was cracked and the BUTTONS and stuffs in it went missing…!!! so then we gotta walk backwards searching on the floor for the missing buttons!! oh my godzzz… and luckily we found it!! else… i dont dare to imagine…

lesson: never ever praise anything!!

then i made SAGO + GULA MELAKA today again… hehehehe… i am just loving it~~ *yumyum* and also went dinner with my dearly cousin TERI and cousin ANDREA with grace and nhan~~ *VERY FULL* damn!! my diet plan GONE again!!! arrrrrgghhhh~~~~~

well… FINAL EXAM IS COMING!!! so, if you notice that i am not on msn… yea, i am TRYING to study… *but not sure whether i am studying or not* hahaha… so if there is anything, just leave me a msg here or… email me… =)

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