Nomore 714…

wahlao… so sad when i got to know the news… =( nomore ‘forever i love’ now become 366 edi… and i dont know what’s the meaning of it… ahduh~~~ meaningless… hahahahaha… alright, coz we had to re-register the car, so that the number plate also gotta be changed…!! haihzzz… and damn man!! 800+bucks for the roadtax!! wahlaoo~~ damn poor… but at least, the car is now LEGAL!! ahhahahaha… *yea, it was ILLEGAL* =P

hmm… today i saw bernard’s car with the car plate ‘PLN’ so i asked for the meaning… he told me it was his 3 kids’ names… Phoebe, Leonard and Natalie… wahlao!!! how sweet if my dad does this to me… =) and then i asked about his wife’s name, he said it is at another car… WAHSAI~~ such a good husband and a good daddy man!! *drooling at people’s husband+daddy*

TOLD YA!! good men are all TAKEN!! =(

oh then we got mr. Frank the MOUSE-BUSTER to clear ANOTHER mouse in our house… well, this mouse was discovered few days ago and it was dead and stucked at the door for dont-know-how-long… a baby mouse… very tiny one… but nobody dare to clear it AGAIN!! so we didnt move it at all~~ till today the mouse-buster came over and… DONE!! yeah…!! now we know where to find mouse killer edi!! and he is staying near to us! yooohooo… *thankiew*

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oooopppsss… but… he wasnt that NICE till i can make him a theme song… as he scared me with that mouse!! and he messed up my room!! so… well… not worth a theme song! =P

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