In *LOVE*… (again)

hehehehe… yea yea yea!! since, Hayanna being so brave, anouncing her love story, i am here to annouce mine too!! =P

Everybody… I’m IN LOVE

oh yea, i bet… many people will give me the same reaction, which is –> *AGAIN?* hahahahaha… yes!! i am always in love and out of love, this is my life swimming in and out of the pool of love~~ =P

this time… he is a cute guy, very cute, kinda childish at times, so this makes him cute =P, but he is a matured man, responsible, humourous, helpful, friendly, funny, caring, sweet, smart, hardworking… blablabla~~ he is the man i have been looking for!!!

i admire him, i respect him, i like to talk to him, i like to look at him, i like to play with him =)

HE IS… well, i dont dare to tell… =P

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u in love with pople only or u guys fall in love together ? is two different thing ler girl …..

just pop in to say sorry ….posted the wrong comment in wrong blog …muhaha as my friend have similar topic as u …terclick ….=) goodday ….

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
errica…i’m soooooooo happy for you..
I wonder who your lucky boy is..
can’t wait till u upload his pic!!!!!

sometimes i think……i’m in love with love……as well…….^^*

wakakakakakakakakakaka~~ =P

hehehehe… well… thankx for Melissa for a WRONG DROPPED comment here, and yours was the correct one… kekekekeke… I AM IN LOVE WITH PEOPLE but not we FALL IN LOVE TOGETHER~ wkakakakkaka~

and, dont ask me to fight for my happiness or go for it as well… i will not do so… because… HE IS A MARRIED MAN!!! waakakakakkakaka… okok, i just like a man like him… hehe…

ok… now… *shoot me* =P

yeap yeap hurrey!!! finally U r IN LOVE!!!! glad to hear such annoucement, but it kinda weird in the end HE is merried, it left million of imagination…..
anyhow congrats that u still alive not a walkin’ corp. thanks loar!!!

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