a long waited blog from pyy

Maybe every1 is wondering where’s the pyy went to since he din post any blog for a long long time, whers the hell is the stupid boy been to? Well, the reason is I have been into my final, moving house, packing my my bags to back to kl, and now I m in kl sitting in 1u coffee bean, listening my blues mp3 and typing this blog…..solli guys…..well maybe no one miss me as well ahahhahha…..when back to my home country I feel so uncomfortable, maybe I juz used to american life, well the weather make me serioiusly irritating……so humid n hot, can’t stand for the first few days, and here are so diff in usa, well my fren ask me if I got a choice will I choose to stay in usa or malaysia, before I came back my answer is kl but after I m back my mind my thoughts has changed, I feel like american life is better, well I think everyone has been into the same situation as I am when they came back from overseas…..well I enjoy meeting my old frens, happy to see that everyone of them is doing fine and they still same as who they are….when I look around, wo I got so shocked, the gals are wearing pretty clothes but the boys still wearing the same clothes 5 yrs before, dunno y the designer din came out some serious pieces for boys…… Recently I found out a singer who is chinese but can really sing well in english songs, the tone, the soul, every voice is so touch, her song juz illustrates the loniless of city dwellers, well this is the main point of jazz…..a song writen to illutrate the loniless and emptiness of city life….tats y suburbs people won’t enjoy listening jazz….. Okey my cappo is finished is time to go …c ya guys, nex blog will be posted within a week…

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YOU BLUR MORON!!! cant you just blog in your PYY folder instead of other people’s? and this time was in VERON’s… but i am editing for you AGAIN!!

anyway, I LOVE MALAYSIA!! although there are something not good, everything has its good and bad…

hahahahaha ….

i love it when eRiCCa scolds ppl …. she sounds soooooooooo cute !!!!

PYY ….. life really SUX in M’sia ….. I’m telling you ….. oni good thing is you can be with all your old friends and with your family …. other than that ….. I don’t see wat’s good about our home country …….

i’ve been back for more than 2 years ….. i still freakin’ regretting ….. $@#%^^&*(!@#%#

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