MaGiCLaND is back!!

yea yea yea!! magicland is back!! *slaps WheiMeng* he didnt renew my domain for me!! =P hehehe… but then since that he is my BEST friend, i am going to forgive him and not being so calculative with him… wakakakkaa… *so, please keep our secret about LV*

and yea, thankx to KienHuo who told me about it as well… i didnt notice it at all as i didnt get to online whole day… the stupid router’s problem… *arrgghhh*

anyway… IT IS BACK!! =) and will never go DOWN again~~!! lallalalalalala~~

i just got back from my japanese test AGAIN!! there is another ONE AND THE LAST japanese test on TOMORROW… and also another auditing test on next monday… then i will be done with all the internal assessments!!! i already asked for a 3 weeks holiday from Shuji Sushi… yeap, will be STUDYING STUDYING and STUDYING for this final exam starting 17th june till 23rd june!! *god bless me* and also to those who having exam too…!! GANBATE!!

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