Darling, Happy Birthday…

Happy 21st Birthday to my Darling TaTa aka Cheryl~
wishing you all the best…

my darling who is my lovely friend, who helps me, who cares for me, who LOVES me!! =) i love you~~!!

afterall, i still remember the incident where i really really feel sorrie to you… remember you told me not to meet someone and not to go out with someone BEFORE i went to last year’s reclaim? and i still remember that you actually called me during midnight to check on me, and you were so worried that i really meeting him, and you felt so sorrie that you werent there to take care of me… but, i am very sorrie that i LIED… i really feeling bad for telling the lie and especially you kept telling me NOT TO!! but i guess you know my reason =)

anyway, i was very touched by that call… that really showed how much you cared… this is why i am still feeling guilty… and i really really appreciate it!! love ya~~

hmmm… hopefully that you still remember what you have told me yea… that you will CUT DOWN your clubbing amount after your birthday… you have been clubbing TOO MUCH this semester, girl~ take care lar!! you know what is bad for you…

anyhow, i will see ya tomorrow, and PLEASE dont put my name into your SPECIAL GUESTS list… i dont wanna be drunken~~ =P

*SweetSweet Memories*

taken in my old apartment…

taken after clubbing at LOFT…

taken at Yuan’s place…


and also here, happy birthday to my lil cousin JeHaw too!! wishing this smart kiddo to be smart always, and be more and more handsome… but please… stop growing taller…!! *happy 15th birthday*

12 replies on “Darling, Happy Birthday…”

em….ur fren is better lookin’ in the frist pic….were the three pics u taken with the same person?? if u did so, she looks difference in the last two!

wah yoda…. im the person who took the pics with ericca la…. wat u mean…??? i look ugly in the other 2 pics huh? but nvmlaaa….. sobsob….. at least i still haf a good fren like ericca… anyways ericca… nice one… im really touched by wateva u wrote….. its been great knowing u as a fren….. wateva it is…. u will always be the special one….. love ya lots gurl.. xoxoxo….

hmmm… i am sure that this commented by CHERYL TA!! hahahaha… but why are you using my NAME huh~~
thankx DARLING… =) love ya always…

sorry i put the wrong name, ericca.. keke but anyways… i hope u did enjoy urself at next blue yesterday… though u looked pretty bored.. thanks for comin to my burfday bash… love ya loads… mwah

ho ho ho ~
i tot the Cheryl there is me at first … but, impossible …

well, is so great to have a best fren like Cheryl …

eRiCCa, appreciate oh ~

Ch3RyL here wish eRiCCa & Cheryl, FRIENDS FOREVER !!!

hahaha hey cheryl im cheryl.. thanks for the comments really flattered though… anyways… nice to meet u cheryl… and is yoda good lookin himself?

hehehe..both ladies are great and cute..
especially Silly Piggie hor??
haha..Silly Piggie said she looked nice in those photos cause she was happy..
kekeke..but for me,Silly Piggie seems to be nice all the time.. blek =P

hahahahaha… CHERYL DEAR dont be so naughty ar!! i adding new post… so cannot be chat room edi!! wakakkakaka…

CHERYL DARLING of coz CUTE + PRETTY ler!! =P my DARLING mar… hehehehehe…

wahlao… my victor sleepie piggie… muacks… *sweeeeeet*

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