well, feeling so unsecured these days…

first was steven and frank’s house got broke in on saturday and 2 laptops were stolen… then last night, they were beaten up by three MASKED people!! and those people were holding KNIVES!! this is kinda scary and i suspect that they were the same people who broke into their house!!! it’s kinda lucky that the 2 of them are still alive now!! so today they moved to ah chuan’s house to stay there temporarily…

then last night, when we were on the way back from library, there was this car approaching our car and there were 2 guys in that car kept waving to us… we didnt bother them but then very unfortunately we stopped at the same place as we were to buy something at coles… then they kept talking to us in coles but we treated them as invisible men… till then they left and we left after they left as well… but then, we found out there was this NOTE on our windscreen, it’s written on a coles’ receipt saying that ‘call for friendship’ with phone number and name on it… *madness*

this afternoon, robin told me that he noticed SOMETHING had happened to the sider door at our house… the wood attached to the side door dropped off, and the basket ball already not seen… it’s kinda obvious that someone forced the door opened so that the wood dropped off and even took away the basket ball… NOT AGAIN MAN!! i wonder… did the sticker saying ‘alarm protected’ on my window scared them away? they gonna come again? *SCARY*

so then, both of us went to bunnings and bought CEMENT!! yes!! cement!! we are going to put cement to block the door!! and also we went to liquorland and bought 24 bottles of BEER!! ahahhahahahaa… guess what we gonna do with them? celebration? sad? or…? ahhahahahaha… we gonna break all the glass bottles!! and then cement the glass on the wall!! wakkakakaka… to prevent NAUGHTY fella from climbing in!! and… the 4 of us gotta finish the 24 bottles of beer tonight… WTF!!

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i m in liverpool uk now…eh…things that selling here is quit expensive if it is convert into m’sia currency…but of course u can handle it. cheers mucks….
god speed always.

aikz.. why so dangerous over there? i thought should be safer? o.O

anyway you becareful.. always go out with your friends.. dont go out alone..

this comin july there will be sale in particular stores, but the detail i may not no. there are tones of branded and designers’ cothing in this area. so tell me what u want and i will try my best to get for u. hopefulli i will back to m’sia in the end of november.

by the way, ur place is quit dangerous and please take good care of ur own belongings and ur safety. hopefulli u still in one piece when u return to m’sia. smile mucks.

Ericca, be careful.
Last time your hse had been robbed once rite? not again……those nothing better to do..*shake head furiously* Stop Shopping n invest those $$$$ to good alarm systems 😛

Yoda…..uh…..since Ericca will be spending her good money to better alarm system… can i instead ask you to buy for me those branded stuffs…..?! *excited*

sounds scary !!! and it’s real dangerous !!!

be very very careful ~

my dear, avoid going anywhere alone ya !
bring and hold ur pepper spray or stunt gun whenever u are alone outside …


I got better idea, if someone did try and climb and cut themselves and fell to the ground. Go out.. whack him some more.. laugh at him.. then call the police. Event better, cement his foot later too so can’t runaway. BWahhhahaa..

dear hayanna, nice to meet u. u can give me ur hunting list for the goods. i’ll try my best to meet ur needs.but ericca’s wll first in the list no matter what happen.

thankx people… i will TRY to protect myself one ler… =)

yoda… *touching* you have always been my all time favourite guardian angel… since… the first day i met you… it’s like… 9 years ago… hahahahaha… hmmm… anyway, i am still thinking what to buy… hehehe… =P

danny, you wanna try? ahhahaha…

hayanna, no point putting alarm system there ler, coz we leaving soon edi mar… hahahaha… that’s gonna cost a lot ler… =(


Gang also not Chinese GANG ……
known for Vietnamese Territory …..

so gotta be careful …… dun tuk jui anyone ….
caca ………

Move out la ……

basically, i always NEVER consider your suggestions, POKU… coz they are fairly retarded!! if you notice so, please dont act like a kid here…

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