Today’s Lesson…

ok, i know i am supposed to study at this time, but why am i here…

i am SHIVERING now… i could feel my teeth fighting in my mouth, my fingers stoned… WHY…? am i feeling COLD? NO!!! but coz of my 2 LOVELY COUSINS… i started to feel uncomfortable after talking to them just now… *you both should know why eh*

yes, MY SECRET!!! MY PRIVATE ENTRY!!! *arrrgghhhh* okokok, it’s not your fault… MINE, MINE, MINE!! now i know… and must remind myself to LOG OUT LOG OUT LOG OUT… and another lesson, not gonna post anything IMPORTANT in here anymore… not even PRIVATE entries… =P

well, luckily it’s my cousins, let’s keep quiet about it, ok… *shhhhhhh* and dont mention about it anymore, i am gonna erase everything from my memory… *thank god*

One reply on “Today’s Lesson…”

I wonder what it is to leave ericca that nervous & cold…

maybe u should start a blog whereby none of your family member knows abt it……so that no one to know ur “private secrets”…
but i’ll be a loyal reader *wink wink*

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