Crazie BILL!!

FAG!! Auditing is down, dont ask me how was it… i dont know either…

but… the only thing i know is… my electric + gas bill has arrived… and i was the one who opened it and i walked to 3 rooms to ask the other 3 people to guess the amount… none got it right, in fact, everyone thought it was much cheaper…



one word, B-R-O-K-E!!!

yummilicous… =)

5 replies on “Crazie BILL!!”

hell la it looks so delicious*yummie*….did u guys always eat like that??? i wonder the meaning of struggle from ur words…..
dun give up, try another shot next time.
gam-ba-teh!!!! good luck

Walao eh~~ $716.09!!!!! What had u guys done huh? switch on heater 24hours ar?? Mine only $170+ nia ler? =.=”

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