Be a Porn Star…

just got this in my mailbox… thought of applying though… but then too bad… i am not qualified… oh… HOW SAD… but probably some people here qualified…? APPLY for it then!! if you are shortlisted, remember to give me a complimentary DVD of it…


Hi Guys & Gals,

Do you meet the below requirements?
You could be the next Porn Idol !! (click to apply)


Do you have what it takes to have sex and do not come for 30 minutes or more? Can you go down on a lady and not have tongue cramps? Do you like threesomes, bondage and roleplay? If your answer is YES, then you are the one we are looking for!


– At least 3 years of experience in having sex.
– Must NOT be shy in front of camera.
– Must have penis size at least 6 inches (15 cm long) and can have sex for
at least 30 minutes without coming.
– Must know how to go down on a lady and the 69 position.
– Those who knows the Kama Sutra Book by heart has an added
– Frequent masturbators are welcomed to apply.
– Ex-adult movies actors/actresses are encouraged to apply.
– For women, breast size must 36 C and above. Silicons are welcomed.
– Must be experienced in giving blow jobs and a lot of tongue actions
– Those women with bee sting sized breasts are encouraged NOT to apply.
– Must not be too fat. For guys, if you stand up and cannot see your penis,
please DO NOT apply.
– Body hair must be moderate.
– Those who knows the ‘helicopter’ position will get immediate hiring!
– Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

For interested candidates, please send your full resume and a Polaroid camera photo to our email. Nude pictures are preferred.

A walk in interview is also available at participating Watson’s, McDonald’s, Giant Hypermarket and Fitness First Gymnasium. (Please check local newspapers)

For the first 50 successful candidates, you will get complimentary vouchers from Starbucks and GSC. Apply FAST!!

Job Nature:
– full-time
– part-time/sideline
– freelance/contract

Job ID: Adult star

Bite Me Inc.

4 replies on “Be a Porn Star…”

you really got it from the friendster? by the way friendster very stupid.. i cancel my personal account-dee.

you know there got this stupid network search? people actually key in those very bin tai thing to search.. like make love with sis/bro. @_@”

hahahaha… no lar… i got it from my friend… a forwarded email… hhehehehe…

yea, i know about the search but it doesnt bother me… everywhere is full of perverts, they are just anywhere around you… importantly, they dont harm you…

and i think friendster is good, i have found MANY MANY LONG LOST friends there… which is good… =)

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