as some of you may know… i am currently facing one of the biggest challenge in my life… challenging myself… to the very very very brave and very very very indenpendent extent… but basically, i dont think that i can do it… i am still trying… or i should say that I HAVE TO TRY…

i dont know what will happen… i dont know what i will become… i dont know how long i can stand… let’s see…

i shall not be scared, i shall not be worried, i shall not cry…

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hey my lil princess dun cry……take it as a challenge in ur life… brave….be vary brave!!! take good care of urselves!!!!

looks like u r trying to forget someone?

guess it ain’t easy whatever it is u r trying to do……cuz can see ur frustration from ur words..but try hard if u really want it to ..

good luck ericca

Hi ericca, although I never chat with u on xettieboard before, but I honestly wish you all the best in challenging yourself. I believe you can make it… Gambateh!!!!

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