i went to ah chuan’s place last night… HOW? i DROVE!!! woooohoooo~!~!~! yes, first time driving alone after so many years… a manual car… it was scary ok!! i am sure that if there was someone with me, that person surely dead coz of FEAR!! ahhahahaha… yea, lucky that i was alone, and then no car on the road, so it wasnt that bad when my car kept moving to left and right like a drunkard… *wakakkakakakakakak*

and it was real fun when i got home… i had a video and audio conference with my friends in malaysia!! woohooo… they were all celebrating Dennis’ birthday in his house… and i saw them playing mahjong… so fun eh… but hey, i played also!! hahahaha… viewing my cards with webcam and commanding them to throw cards for me… but then… they were being too evil… they didnt care about me, especially WHEI MENG!! he told me that i already WON while i hadnt even finished looking at the cards… BAKA!!


i was very late for class today!!! i set alarm at 8am to go for 9am class, but then i continued sleeping and thought of waking up at 830am… but when i woke up again, it was already 10am… MISSED 1 since already missed, so i slept again and hoping to wake up at 11am to go for 12pm class… when i looked at the time, 12pm MISSED 2… damn it lar… i then woke up to get prepared for my 1pm class then… and YES!! i made it to the class… and i already made up a LIE in my mind to the tutor if he would ask me for the reason why didnt turn up in the morning… i would tell him that i had an exam to sit for… but then… who knows the tutor came to ask me ‘how was your exam’ when he saw me entering the class… hahahahahah… how smart is my tutor man!!! =)

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