YPS = Young Pui Shan… you this girl… *arrgghhh* why did you so pandai pandai asked Royal to take care of me man!!! me big girl edi, me know how to take care of meself… =P

this royal is so funny!! he called at 1am and asked me ‘what are you doing? taken your dinner?’ i went like WTF!! then he told me he just woke up, and he thought it’s only 8pm… *goodness* and he kept asking me to let him to cook for me and take care of me as he promised puishan to do so and he doesnt wanna break his promise… wahlaooo… *good person* but… i am happy to take care of myself… and it’s so weird of him taking care of me…? *bah*

so, puishan… i will wait for you to come and let him to take care of US together… =P

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