Happie Weekend…

awwww… another weekend just gone… need to study for monday’s spanish test edi… =(

went to clubbing at next blue on friday’s night… weeeheee~~ so fun!! and i met Kristine there too… yoohooo~!~!~! glad that everyone enjoyed so much… =)

and i wore my newly bought top that night… it was actually kinda LOW both the front and the back part… and thus i didnt wear bras, was kinda worried that it would attract hamsupLOUZ… but then… it actually attracted hamsupPOHZ!!! duh~!~!~!~! stupiak yongyuan, cheryl and chanyee!!! stop grabbing my B**BIES!! *aarrrrgghhhh* =P

i lost my BLARDEE 30bucks in the FARKING CROWN!! ddduuhhh~~!!! why the hell number 7 didnt come out!!! huh!!!!

nvm nvm… i will never gamble again within the next 6 months!! bugger!! *chehhhzzz* at least, i have had a happy weekend… thankx BABES =) especially chanyee, hope that you enjoy your melbourne trip and stop swearing… and cheryl darling, stop acting like a LALA!!! yongyuan, stop grabbing people’s boobs!! duh~


side view

front view

10 replies on “Happie Weekend…”

wah…..nice top piece…….really nice butt, the jeans really did the jod well done.
take care, princess!!

earlku… weird eh? actually was trying to show the BACK part + side part… but… it turned out like that…

eeeeeerrrrrrr… my ass… erm… erm… erm… no comment

wah ~sexy~ nice top and nice jeans like everyone said! and envy la.. your back looks nice. i have back ance! dare not even wear a simple halter~ *cries* plus my eczema attacks, make everything worse. ok ok.. enough complaining!

Babe, flaunt your bod since you have it! *winks*

hahahahhaa… okokok hayanna, i will try to match it and show you yea… =)

freddie… back view can lar… but… TOP VIEW?

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