I Am Dumb…

i havent had a good mood since afternoon… since i got my result… it’s a big disappointment… and i still dont know how to tell my parents about it… i think it is really really hard for me to tell about it… should i just lie…? i dont know man… my future has been destroyed by ME MYSELF and I…

i stoned for the whole afternoon… was hungry… but i didnt eat and i went to sleep… when i woke up, already late and time for dinner… but i didnt feel like going out to eat and there was nothing edible in the house as well… so then i just sat there doing nothing… till my phone rang… Royal called saying that he was outside my house… he actually came to check whether i still alive or not *i guess*… and then he found that i had nothing to eat, he wanted to cook for me, but… nothing for him to cook… so then we went to coles to get something back… at last, he cooked me STEAK… not bad ler… thankx man!! =)

thought of staying at home as i dont feel like going anywhere… but… i am going to ffour soon, cheryl is picking me up… i dont know what for… but… i am still going…

my cook, Royal.

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ur cook is so cool…..
take care princess……u r a big gal….just let ur parents to no the truth…..face it with big heart; dun hide from it…..or else it will span to bigger problem…..
frens will always be by ur side!!

yep your cook is damn cool. but i know how you feel getting the result which you dont wanna get one. just let ya parents know. better to tell the truth than lying ler!

message from ultracrawler:

i guess there are three things you can do at the moment

1. trying to plan and find out which units you want to retake and how much extra money you have to pay, in addition, you might have to extend your student visa to meet the dwelling requirements

2. trying to “reform” your study strategies, as a final year student, you have to prepare a set of useful strategies for studying in an efficient manner (i.e. making summeries, address to your questions when answering in assessment. in addition, it will be good if you can revise your examination papers so you know what you are lack of and hopefully you won’t commit the similar mistake again

3. trying to “packing” your explanation before you tell the story to your parents

but dun worry too much, you are a smart girl, as long as you give yourself a chance, all of your friends will support you for sure 🙂


hmmm… thankx people… i will TRY to create a good story and reduce the IMPACT to the min…

ultracrawler… you are…? anyway, you seem to be NICE but sometimes MEAN…

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