Happie Hours…

i went clubbing at FFOUR on thursday night and got myself drunk… i love that feeling… i forgot about sadness and worries… i mixed, i drank, i sang, i danced, i screamed, i puked and i slept… i guess that was the moment that i could worry about nothing… =)

i even called to my supervisor to cancel my work on friday and i went to have a day trip with yuan, cheryl and chan yee… i had no mood to work at all… it was a SUPER GREAT TRIP!!! it was really fun although we didnt know the road and we had to keep reading the maps, also kept going on the wrong route… hahahahahah… very fun indeed…

cheryl: my happiest day in melbourne
chan yee: my happiest day in my melbourne’s trip

everyone was happy =)

we left the house at 1030am… first, we went to take a chairlift up to the hill and took a look at the VERY VERY NICE SEA VIEW… then we proceeded to the MAZE which was very very fun… it is like a normal maze that we usually play on the paper but the difference is we cant see how is the maze from the top and we have to WALK ourselves in the maze and try to get ourselves out of the maze… very very fun, and we made up 2 teams, yuan and chan yee while cheryl and i to compete who could get out of the mazes faster… but cheryl and i were being too dumb as we lost in both mazes… oh yea, the most important part is… that… WE DIDNT PAY FOR THE MAZE!! hahahahaha… yea, we were supposed to pay 12bucks each… but then we saw the door was opened and we just sneaked in… in fact, we didnt know that we were supposed to pay until we finished with the maze and we saw people paying for the maze entrance… hahahahahahahahahaha…

then we also thought of going horse riding, blueberry farm, view the seals and dolphins, car museum… but all CLOSED… but then, we found a SECRET entrance for the car museum!! so we entered it without authority… and had a glance of the museum, took a picture of it… but we just couldnt enter the museum building… it was so funny that we were behaving like THIEVES… kept looking around and checked if there were people there to catch us…

we were actually very disappointed as so many places that we wanted to go were closed… so then we decided to relax ourselves by going to the HOT SPRINGS!! read the maps and reached the place through a very DODGY + BUMPY + MUDDY road… and we saw a sign saying that it had already moved to a new place… so we read the map again… MA DE… gotta go through another even worse road, STEEP + MUDDY + SMALL + QUIET + TREES AROUND… cheryl even worried that there would be people coming out to attack us… after driving with fear finally we saw this IGLOO alike thingie… and saw a few cars and A LADY!!! yes, we asked the lady about the hot springs… and the lady went so shocked ‘HOW DID YOU GET HERE’ and she told us that we actually arrived the BACK of the hot springs but we couldnt get in from the back and it wasnt a PROPER way to get there… *TA MA DE*

and we had to read the maps again in order to reach the FRONT part of it… duh~~~~~~ we didnt expect to go to the hot springs so we didnt prepare any proper clothing for it, and thus we couldnt go to the public pool… so we had to pay more for the private area but i think it was better… we didnt share pool with other people so that we could just do anything!! i mean ANYTHING!! 4 of us were supposed to be all NAKED in the pool but we didnt *SHYSHY* all 4 of us went to the pool with towel… hahahahaha… the temperature was hot enough, 40 degrees… just imagine the head was in winter but the body was in summer… damn great man the feeling… really really relaxing… =)

we treated ourselves vietnamese dinner in springvale… *YUMMIE* and then rushed back to the city by 1030pm to get ourselves ready for the PARTY!!! yes baby, another DRUNKING session at next blue!! and i cant even really tell that how many guys/girls that i frenched with and how many guys/girls that i danced with… but i know that there were too many different people come and go and i dont know who is who… hahahahahahah…

my happie hours are going to end soon after chan yee goes back to sydney… and that time… i will need to face the reality again… *GOSH*

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