Boring Life…

haiihzz… it’s been a long time since my last update… life is so boring… nothing’s much to jot down…

my life now after my spanish final exam is like a… hmmm… well, i should say that i have just started my HOLIDAY!!! yes!! but heck, it’s just A WEEK!! *ma de* so i am now enjoying my holiday as much as i can… i SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP… yea, non-stop sleeping till my mom cant actually see me online… kekekekekekek… for example like last night i slept from 12am till this afternoon 12pm… then i started sleeping again at around 5pm till 8pm… damn syiok sleeping… =)

my all day friend is just jeff and jeff… seeing him everyday and night… *BORING* but anyhow, i am glad to have him as my maid, driver and cook… =P and for FREE!! wooohooo~!~!~! BUT BUT BUT… it’s not good having him here also… as… he always disturb my sleep… always use my laptop and so i dont have a chance to use… then always ask me this ask me that… *TA MA DE* irritating betul!!!

3 replies on “Boring Life…”

poor jeff your head!! i am the poor one ok!!
he is here to always disturb me sleeping… and keeps using my laptop… DUH~~~~!!! always log out my msn somemore!!

i am trying my best to kick him out of this house very soon!!!

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