A Room in Melb City…

Please please please people out there!! get me a room in the city…!! not for me of coz… but for JEFF!!!! move him to the city!! go go go!!

ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH~!~!~!~! ever since he came, my room is no longer my room… i dont like heater, but he on heater most of the time saying VERY COLD but only wearing tshirt and shorts!!! and my laptop is no longer my laptop!! he uses my laptop more than me!!! i have no chance to face my laptop 24/7 like i used to be… i have no time to talk c*ck in the HUB, i have no time to browse LYN, i have no time to read BLOGS, i have no time to bullshiat on msn… and damn it, MY MSN!!! stop logging off my msn without my permission!! *WTF* MORON!!!!! i am now MAD edi… it’s not the first time telling him not to do all these, and he is not listening!!! and i am FARKING PISSED NOW!!! till i dont feel like talking to him!!!


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hahaha initially i thought maybe i’d live with him cos hes i cant find any hsemate…. now i think ichange my mind

gosh…..wat a housemate….atleast there some1 there when u need 1…..but moron as a housemate…eh…….no very good!! 😛
pray for ur wish!!

arrrgghh~!~!~! loklok… i already pinch him everyday… but no use also…

cheryl, but i dont think the amount of rental can match lar… his budget will take AGES to find a room in the city… if you found any, please drag him there… he damn enjoy staying here like dont wanna move like that!!

basically, he is good sometimes… but when it comes to all these, when i scold him, he smiles and says okok… or he will ACT CUTE and ask me to let him use… *BAKA* and even when he is cooking, he forces me to go out to SEE him cooking just to accompany him!! DUH~~~

hmm, why u let him go into ur room le ???

scold him and warn him …
i hate people who ON my pc without my permission …
and going into my room …

hate tat !!!

aikz.. why is this guy so irritating? haha probably he fall in love with ericca liao! hahah thats why damn enjoy staying there and ACT CUTE! =pPp k k.. joking only. i wish your dream come true that he’d move out very soon =)

haiihzzz… nvm… just hope that he will leave ASAP!!!

by the way, he is staying in my room… he was supposed to stay in the living room but he came in… saying outside very cold… ma de~~~

eh hahaha i damn scared of him already….. i think i change my mind….. plus i think city the cheapest is around 800 bucks….. and i don t wanna live at those ngap ngap dup dup places cos i will freak out…. even the place im living right now…. i had to take a month to become used to it….before that i was just scared man i turned on the lights everyday i slept. PLUS….. i dont want him to use my PC can ar….

huh? he stays in your room? he is it sissy one?

i mean, respect a bit la.. you’re a girl and he’s a guy, somemore not couple or whatsoever close friends. should pay some respect for you, as a girl, the privacy!

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