A Drunkard’s Life…

it’s not a good feeling while you drink all 3 nights in a row… especially the first night drunk then hangover the next day… and you start drinking again while havent recovered from the hangover… and then the next night again drinking before recovering from the previous hangover… you can feel that your brain is permanently floating out of your head…

my nights…
thursday – velour, then ffour
friday – 255, then seasons
saturday – shanghai K

i am worried… my brain cells…

6 replies on “A Drunkard’s Life…”

haha into clubbing again eh? good luck then! haha, i hate the smell of alcohol so damn much.. till i hear its name, i feel like puking d.. good luck cousin =P

yuan… haiihzzz… not exactly ler… probably it’s the running-away-from-home thingie… wait till i need not to run away again…

zoe… NO GOOD LAR!!!

lurker, yea… my liver too!! bah~~~~~~~~~

dear cheryl, trying to… =)

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