Amber Night…

finally we are once again back to amber after so so so long… probably… around a year… i am glad that amber is still as good, or i should say better… at least… amber is a place where i think everything is good, the crowd, the people, the environment, the songs, the place… unlike some place is good at something but bad at something…

and guess what!! a good news for both me and cheryl!! we finally found our new BFS at amber last night!! wakakkakakakak… a korean for her and a japanese for me!! wakkakakakakak… so that next month we could celebrate our 1-month-anniversary together!! wooohooo~!~!~! *crappy*

afterall, a fun night!! =)

pictures showing that i wearing my THAT black top and a black skirt recommended by Hayanna and also with a pair of black stockings… and a black jacket…


ready to go~~

with jacket…

without jacket…


wokieeee… i am now off to get prepared for my SNOW SKIING trip~

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