Clayton Trip…

another boring night… since i woke up at 430pm… was kinda energetic during the night and thought of having some REAL FOOD for supper *as i am going to have a slimming week* then gathered V-V and Wk AGAIN tonight to pay Ryan a visit in clayton!!

well… finally i met Mr. Durian, Ryan’s housemate… kekekee… and also Ryan’s secret admirer from next door… this blardee hell fella knocked on our window at like… 3am telling us that my car blocked his way… so i went out to move the car, then he said he actually called the POLICE saying that he suspected that the car is a STOLEN CAR!! *wtf* well, i didnt care so just moved the car away… meanwhile he was CHATTING with ryan and asking for his name, number and address… *wooohoooo* his name is SASH, but ryan saved his name as SUSHI *maybe he thinks this sounds tastier* or maybe SASHimi… anyhow, he is still a rude BASTERD!! not tasty at all!!

finally we went to have McD… *hungry like hell* and now i am back at home at 530am… no no no… i have to sleep, i am not going to waste my saturday afternoon just to sleep!! NO WAY!!

i wanted to fill some petrol on the way back, so that i asked V-V and WK whether they know how to fill or not, they both said YES… *as i dont know how* so i happily drove into a petrol station, paid and then left the filling job to the 2 kiddos… and who knows 2 of move press here press there, adjust here adjust there, petrol licking leaking here licking leaking there… *bahhhhh* and it’s not filling yet!! at the end, the attendant came over to help us… wahlaooo… damn embarrassing lar!! 3 fellaz in the car and NONE can fill the petrol properly… *GOSHHHZZZZ*


kor, bet that you are having a good time there huh… =)

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