Happy Shopping…

well, mom is alright… =) but then she kept complaining about her ROOM, she said the other room mates and friends very noisy!!! but then she deserved it!! *evil* i was kinda surprised when she told me that she was in ASSUNTA hospital, i went like WHY DID YOU GO THERE!! she told me the doctor is in this hospital, so no choice!! bahhhh~~~~ assunta doesnt have a good image in my mind, kinda dodgy… and somemore she pandai pandai staying in a room sharing with 3 other people… i asked her why dont stay in a private room, she said she scared to sleep alone… *wakkakakakak* i said i wanna go back to sleep with her but she said no need… *dengz* well… auntie Ann, now you know that you have made 2 wrong decisions… 1st one is staying in Assunta, 2nd is staying with so many people… aiiissskkkzzz…

YEAY!! so happy that i finally went to shopping today!! and yes i bought something!! YEAY!! i bought a pair of new jeans!! it’s kinda a good bargain, discounted 30% so the price reduced from 120 to 90!! and i told my mom about it, immediately she went on doing her maths and said RM270!! somemore not some well known brand, but same price as Levis… hahahahhaa… too bad lar, already bought~ *grinz* and also a CHEAP *which is REALLY DAMN BLARDEE CHEAP* TOP, got it for 15bucks!! was 30bucks, 50% discount!!

and i bought a SECRET WEAPON to LOSE WEIGHT!! wakkakakakkaka… this is a secret weapon… so i will remain its secretive… wakkakakakakka… =P let’s wait for the result…

i have been searching up and down for some NICE and COMFORTABLE heels… went to nine west, but… none that i was interested in… *arrgghhh* stressed again… I DONT CARE!!! i want a pair of new HEELS!!


thankx to iinet’s iinetphone, i am making CHEAP CALLS!! its VOIP allows me to make calls using my comp instead of telephone!! just like using SKYPE!! and it’s only 9cents/min to call msian mobile and 5cents/min to call msian landline!! i have been making so many calls edi since last night~~ ahahha… feeling damn excited… called stupid teo WJ for more than an hour… called my mom for more than half an hour… then called this called that… so happy!!! but… there is one big problem… its auto disconnection after 10mins… imagine i have been recalling after every 10mins… *irritating!!* but still… cheap call rates!! =)

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hey, wat’s ur secret weapon ??? tell me tell me …
someone can make cheap calls, but never call me also 🙁 *disappointed*

i dowan to die… but i also dowan to call you… CHUI MEH~~~

cheryl dear… i will call you someday ok… hehehehe…

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