2 tests!!

one down this afternoon edi, it was AFA test, worth 20%… well… i think… MAYBE can pass… but maybe not also!! oh well, since the lecturer said need not to worry, failing is very normal as MAJORITY will fail… *WTF* so if i fail, doesnt mean that i am stupid!! =P

and there is another one tomorrow…!! CA test!! also worth 20%… baka!! let’s see, a repeating subject, hopefully can do well… *praypraypray*

oh well, after so many days of my diet plan… i can feel that my newly bought jeans A BIT loose edi wor… hmmm… can go to change for a smaller size ar? =P but then… dont know whether this dieting way is good or bad… if… something bad is gonna happen… i think i deserve it… aisskkkzzzz… if i die edi… please ask UU not to close down this site and let it live on on behalf of me… and dont cry for me yea people… =)

there was this embarrassing moment in the test yesterday… the lecturer asked us to write HER NAME on the test paper, then i went like OH SHIT! what’s HER NAME man… and i was hoping that she would tell us… but no… till the end of the test, i handed in my test and she didnt see her name on my test paper and she asked me to do so again “put my name on it”… arrrrrrrrrrgghhhh… i felt so bad!! so i had to ask her… “what is your name” wahlao… i think her reaction was SO SHOCKED… hahahaha… and she must be thinking WHAT A STUDENT!! and i might get a ZERO for that test!! aiskzz… please forgive me Ms NINA!! ahhahahaha… she actually answered me her name but i even asked her HOW TO SPELL IT!! *OH MY GODZZZZ* i think me myself and i cant forgive this STUDENT though!!!! ishhh…

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you ar.. under too much stress already is it. die die sound there.

but then yesterday my friend just told me that her friend diet and now very slim and all. but the bad side is her skin is not firm anymore. like those grandmother skin. like so not healthy already.

please dont diet til this extent, k..

^ laitat 1..corz from fat to thin maaaa…..ur body need to use lesser all like kedut loo…i think got treatment 1..hmm

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