Mommie’s Back At Work…

while i was eating my yummie yummie chicken porridge *oh yea, chicken porridge AGAIN* and watching this korean series “Sorry, I Love You”… my mom sent me a msn message…

AnnChin says:
hello morning………

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * says:
wah… finally back at work, your boss sure miss you a lot…

AnnChin says:
yes yes…just come b acak fr his room…….kidding

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * says:
not funny

well well well… the first part of her reply sounds NORMAL, there is nothing wrong with an employee back from employer’s room…

but but but… what is the “KIDDING” part doing over there? does it represent that the earlier message SUPPOSED to be funny/ a joke? or somehow… does it sound like a “DIRTY JOKE”? kinky eh?

hahahahhahaha… i think my mom’s brain is now a bit of you-know after some sickness attack… =)

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