Bless SukSuk

my dad’s bro, which is my SukSUk… is admitted to the hospital and going for heart bypassing operation tomorrow… it’s indeed a sad news to all of us… bless him… hope that he will be ok… yes, EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!!

mommie asked me to send him an ecard to give him courage, i took like hours to figure what to write in the card… and finally sent… but then mommie said in order to make it better, i should CALL him!! OH MY GOSH… i seriously had no idea what to talk to him… and i sure that i would be damn panic, as i am a chicken… but still, i had to call, it’s an ORDER!!

dialing with hands shaking, and once i heard my uncle’s voice, my tears already rolling in my eyes and all the words got stucked in the throat not wanting to come out… i even had to hold my breathe and talk faster, with some jokes around, so that he couldnt notice that i was actually crying… *DUH* and i dont know why the heck was i crying… damn dumb!!

okokok… already will be alright…


my new toy!! i really fell in love at first sight with it!! i just love the colors!! orange, white, pink, red and green… so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet… just like the… rainbow flavour *if i am not mistaken* ice cream that we can get in baskin robin!! so yummie eh… =P well, i have no idea when can i wear it and where to wear to… i just bought it as IT IS SO CUTE!! wakakakakaka… =P

p/s: if you wanna tell me that i am FAT, please dont… as i already know that and in fact, the whole world knows that… and if you wanna tell me that i am UGLY, please dont… as yes i have a mirror at home… thankiew =)

16 replies on “Bless SukSuk”

bobo: you better shudup!!

lurker: wear what?

zoe: the FATS are hidden somewhere…

bioweapon: what about… a sexy fat girl? ahha

bless uncle…he’ll be alright

on the other hand… WOOT WOOt wOOT.. what a chun sexy cousin i have.. i only knew it today! hahahahaha! :p

hey IM sorry to hear your uncle is sick . dont cry , I believe he will be alright one ^^

uhh what is the word for sick peoples …

good luck ?
god bless ?
hope he will recover fast ?

I sux yeah I know , lol

yuan: SLOW LAR YOU!! =P

THANKX PEOPLE!! thankx for the blessing!! my uncle is out edi and he is alright now =) he will recover soon…

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