Buhbye Jeffrey…

just got home from the farewell K for Jeffrey, he is leaving tomorrow edi… i dont think that i will be sending him off tomorrow… so i went to the K… and it was such a BIG GROUP man!! 20+ people… with 2 mics… and also with so many people’s mind flying in other clubs… quite many of them kept trying their best to drunk jeffrey so that they could leave for clubbing… OH MY GODZ!! so bad ler all these people, never show the sincerity to farewell him also!!

so the poor jeffrey already lying down there not moving since 1am edi… so poor thing, and then i was there doing nothing as well… so damn bored… finally, beh tahan edi and left at 230am…

AND THEN!! i found something on my wind screen!! A FINE!! MA DE!! A 105BUCKS FINE!! TA MA DE!! i actually took 45mins to find a PARKING ok!! wasted the petrol like mad only!! so then i found this place with ‘loading zone 15mins from dont-know-time till 630pm on mon-sun’ SO THAT’s THE PLACE THAT I CAN PARK LAR!!! after 630pm edi mar!! but then why got fine leh!! who knows the reason is… parked at an intersection!! but then you didnt state there ‘no STOPPING/PARKING at all times’ also!! arrrgghhh!! damn angry edi lar!! damn hak jai man!! I WANNA APPEAL!! can or not one eh? duh~~!!!

not to forget that i actually parked damn blardee far from the K… i actually parked at lt lonsdale cut exhibition!! that’s very the farking far ok!! i walked like mad!! somemore on the way walking to shanghai… i saw TWO spaces right in front of it!! wahlaoo… i almost fainted!! and i actually went to reparked the car at around 12am, as i afraid that would be too scary for me to take the car so far away later… and who knows… the stupid spot made me kena fined!! BAKA!!


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