Fever Ericca…

aiiissskkzzz… I AM HAVING A BLARDEE FEVER!! =(

no wonder last night feeling so damn cold lar, gotta use 3 layers of blanket somemore!! haiihzzz… somemore today people all wearing like going to beach, with shorts and slippers… then i wore like a pollarbear… =(

but then it’s good!! i thought my body already NUMB coz long time i didnt feel SICK edi… so now i am feeling sick, i am normal yea!!

guess… have been facing too much of work lately!! fark the assignments man!! =( too stressed? kor… you said you would help me on my assignments one wor, why you MIA edi… you wanna FFK me at this moment meh… can die one lar like that… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ i wanna go home!! i dowan to study anymore!!

furthermore, my dardar only knows how to go for TT sessions… never wanna help me up one!! */me throws dardar to the rubbish bin*


thankx dardar for reminding me and telling me the reason for WHY I AM SICK!! coz… i finished 3/4 bar of the chocolate the day before yesterday!! i guess that’s the reason… so i HAPPILY went to tell my mom…

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * Feeeeeeeeever… says:
AUNTIE!! i know why i am sick edi!!!

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * Feeeeeeeeever… says:
coz hor… i finished 3/4 bar of chocolate the day before yesterday!!

AnnChin says:

. : e R i C C a : . * 倒数3个月 – StarDee + DieT * Feeeeeeeeever… says:

AnnChin says:
Bodoh!!!! Gilaaaa!!!!

how sweet was my mom when she got to know that i was sick… ICHIBAN LAR YOU MOMMIE!!

i am off to get some rest before starting my ASSIGNMENT WAR tonight!! 2 assignments due tomorrow!! pray for me please…

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haizz…u should take better care of urself…kor told u edi don last minute do things (esp. assignments)
…see now overload edi (plus the obscene amount of time u spent in K this past few dayz) and down with fever….

haizz…tot wanna ignore u till next week one…see u learn ur lesson or not…but now…like this…oklar…kor will write the blarddy email by tonight….

got c doctor or not? take care yea…..

ur dardar here not only know how to go TT session one.. if not for that 3/4 bar of chocolate which is equivalent to 10 days (till month end) supply that dardar whacked finish at one go, i believe my dardar would be jumping around the room now or probably busy talking to the housemates by now

drink more water, take some medicine and have a good rest. wish u quick recovery!

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… kor, why you so mean one!! ignore me at this time somemore!! *fainted* really dai wok… you write tonight also cannot reach me on time ler… =( i need to hand in tomorrow 11am takkan you tomorrow only give me mar… aiskzzzz… kor… you… very the SEK me betul!!

dardar… you dont put all the blame on me eating all the chocolate!! coz you didnt pui me and went to TT session then only i ate the chocolate during the night one!!


huh!! 2 of you!! enough huh!! somemore i am your CUTEST MUI of all ok~~~ =P you wouldnt wanna see me die one… hehehehe…

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