Assignments DONE!!

yeay!! so happie… finally 2 assignments done!! and i just had a good sleep this morning!! and i am now super energetic… kekekekeke!! there is this once off event at ScuBar to night, HEARD that many people going wor… haiihzzz… dowan to go lar… hahahahaha… stay at home watch my TVB better ler…

hmmm… it’s time to thank some people over here!!

first of all, *muacks* korkor… thankx for your last minute help… hehehehe… =)

secondly, *muacks+hugs* dardar… finally you were being a good boy last night without throwing me alone at home and out for TT session huh!! hehe… thankx for the help also and accompanied me whole night till i finished the whole assignment…

thirdly, probably i need to thank BOBO for THOUGHT of helping also…

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dar, glad u’ve completed everything despite having a fever. and dar, it’s not whole night it’s till when the sun come out edi.. luckily today my head did not terhantuk keyboard from falling asleep while at work while having nightmare of IFRS.

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