Long Lost Pic…

this is a very the funny pic!! look at it!! damn ugly weik!! like a small kiddo!! wahlaoo… beh tahan man~~~ but hey, i was much slimmer than now man!! OH MY GODZ!! it was chan yee and me working for canon roadshow back in… year… let me think… when i was 19… means… 3 years ago… means… 2002… FUHHHHH~~ sejarah-nye~~

hopefully that chan yee is not going to find this out and come all the way from sydney to chop me into pieces… *bless me*

well, i thought i had no chance to see this pic anymore as i saved it in a FLOPPY DISK and it was already corrupted!! duh~~ so sadzzz… until recently, dardar found it in his mail box!! wakakkakakaka… i sent it to him long long long time ago!! yeay!! so happy!! *muacks*

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