No Time…

the exam time table already out… and i am worried… really starting to worry about how am i going to cope with that… 4 exams in 7 days… my godz… 10th, 11th, 15th and 16th of november… BAH~~~ this is killing me man…

and then after that i will need to wait till january then only my summer course starting at that time… so i will be having a SHORT holiday in between… 1.5 months… thought of going back to KL for a short break… to celebrate Xmas and all… but then… 2nd thought… it’s still better to go back after my summer course which will be in mid of feb!! *yeay* praying that i finally can go back to celebrate my birthday in KL after 2 dumb arse years…

i dont wanna stay here any longer…!!!

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