Die You THIEF!!

ma de you so many better things to be but dont wanna be, BE A THIEF pulak!! duh~!!!

when i came home from uni, robin told me there was a thief TRYING to break into his room through his window… my godz, this thief really daring… robin was actually in his room SINGING song also the dumb thief not scared man!! the thief saw him and he ran away… the police came in 5 mins *efficient-nye* but found nothing… iiissshh… *pandai-nye* BOTH OF US DAMN SCARED NOW!!

i think this thief came 3 times today… first time was he broke the small door where we had blocked it with CEMENT + STONE… i heard the sound but i didnt think of that door, so i didnt do anything… next, he came again and rang the doorbell while robin was home alone and was in the shower at that moment… and also the car already in workshop, no car at home, so he thought that nobody at home and went ACTION!! but too bad, his 6th sense was wrong…

oh well… i did a bit of revision in library today though… and… what would you expect from cam-whore-in-the-library leh?

CAM WHORING lar of coz!!!

fuhwah… a cam whore studying in cubicle…

then i ACCIDENTALLY found this pic in my phone…

an alcohol-TOMATOED-cam-whore cam whoring in the K toilet…


today start puasa-ing edi!! yes ar!! i also wanna puasa!! =P

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