Joking Vs Offending…

well… sometimes i might sound like a jerk, a dumb ass or even a clown to some people… i dont hope to take things seriously sometimes, just because that the real life is too cruel, and i wish to joke away all the unhappy stuffs… and i agree that joking can be fun…

but… maybe i am just WEAK… i guess my tolerance level is kinda low… i dont know how to tolerate with SOME JOKES… or maybe people just hate me that much… that they are not joking but purely INSULTING… ok… my fault, it’s my bad, that i have so many mistakes, dumb things for people to insult me…

so, is it very funny when you are insulting a dumb person…? and you laugh at people? and you find it very happy? or do i have this ‘insult me’ or ‘i love to be insulted’ carved on my forehead? or, do you think that i dont have a BRAIN just because that i am stupid and because of that, i dont have FEELING as well…? or you think that i am happy being insulted? or do you know that OVER joking can be OFFENDING?

i can joke doesnt mean that i can take ALL JOKES, ALL INSULTS… i am dumb but doesnt mean that i dont know how to think AT ALL… i am dumb doesnt mean that i can only think like a 3 months old baby… you are smart doesnt mean that you know what i am thinking… you are smart doesnt mean that what you think is right and what i think is wrong… and even if i am wrong, pointing out my stupidity all the time does make you sound smarter? proud of it?

probably i need to learn to be serious all the time… else people will think that i am just a joker… and also act to be smart all the time, hide all my thoughts… not letting people to laugh at me…

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what happened to you dude.. We are the same person. It was just happened. There was this friend feel sad, so I kinda want to cheer her up by joking, then I got a respond like ” dont bother me, whatver you think.” wah..haiz..

different ppl have different thoughts… different opinions, thinking and personality…. so sometimes things wont go smoothly as it is….

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