Lost Hole…

oh ma~~~~ i have just lost a HOLE!! bahh… i lost one of my ear piercing holes ler… =( aiskzzz…

days ago, my ears got sensitive so i took off all my earrings… and when i tried to put them back yesterday… awwwwwwwwwww… one of them already sealed up!! *sadzzzzz* after so much pain that i had gone through with IT… and now IT has left me…

but, actually i could just force it back… nah… not planning to do it as it will cause x100 times of pain~~~ well… probably i shouldnt gather too many of them… and… looking at a grown up eRiCCa, a young adult eRiCCa… should try to look more elegant and mature yea… instead of lala kiddoz looks… =P

now now now… complete my studies and i will be a WOMAN soon!! real soon!! stay tuned!! =)

byebye the 3rd baby up there… aiskzz… *sobsob*

after reading ZhanShen‘s blog… i think i need to blog about this kissing couple i saw today too!! ma de… non-stop kissing on the street only… they sat there to kiss for like more than 30mins… the *terror* part was… they kissed from cloudy-rain-cloudy… even the rain didnt stop them from kissing, then they continued kissing by holding an umbrella and went on kissing under the umbrella… when the rain stopped, they kept the umbrella and continued their business… *fuiyooorrhhh* i was first kinda excited when i looked at them, but then after a few minutes, i also sienz edi but they not yet sienz… *zha dou*

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what??? just a few days can make it sealed back??? …..ericca, ur “skin” must be very thin only…kekek!! okok..get back to studies

*arghhh* add oil ar wei!!!

now now now… complete my studies and i will be a WOMAN soon!! real soon!! stay tuned!! =)
You are free now, hello woman. :F

* P/S: I saw couples kissing on the bench (and frenched), it was a late afternoon, Taylor’s Subang Jaya.

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